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THRWD Magazine: The Ten: Lucy Kirkman By Javier on June 7, 2013

June 25, 2013

Lucy Kirkman is asking for your time. On top of that she expects you to be slightly uncomfortable as you enter into her world, one filled with the unspoken, ambiguous, and personal references. That’s a lot to ask a viewer. Without a cultural reference point for the patron to pullfrom, you are left to your own devices, bringing in your own fears, desires and knowledge into the interpretation. As we align ourselves with an increasingly singularity style of living, Kirkman’s newest exhibit, “Library of Babel” at the That That studio (operated by fellow S.C.A.B. member’s Alex DiJulio and Samantha McCurdy) is a breath of fresh air. Kirkman lets us unplug for a bit from the immediacy of the “retweet,” and plug into the labyrinth of sentimentality. For this edition of The Ten, THRWD corresponded with Kirkman about her upcoming show..

1. Tell us about your goals as an artist in Dallas. What do you hope to accomplish with both S.C.A.B. and as a solo artist?

As a solo artist, make good paintings or other forms of work; continue learning and developing; support myself through my work. With DTFU/SCAB, I aim to develop a place where I can do the above within a contemporary scene. I want to build a structure I can thrive in, as well as put on interesting and challenging exhibitions.


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