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Lucy Kirkman – Library of Babel

June 7, 2013

That That is excited to announce an exhibition of paintings by Lucy Kirkman titled Library of Babel. The exhibition presents imagined artifacts recovered from the infinite library described by Jorge Luis Borges. These partially dismembered books, thrown into the void, have followed some wayward path to the surfaces of her paintings.

In Kirkman’s paintings, book pages propagate and echo from piece to piece. Lucy Kirkman, borrowed from Yves Klein: “I begin, quite without emotion, by seizing Ariadne’s thread, which for me is impalpable sensibility, new matter, and new dimension, before entering into the labyrinth of sentimentality.” The assembled story, as a web of literary and art historical references, encourages your translation.

The exhibition will be held at That That from 6/7/13-6/21/13, with an opening reception 6/7/13, 7:00-10:00 p.m. An exhibition catalogue will be available with interpretations of the works by Bronwen Roberts, Eli Walker, and Justin Hunter Allen.

Lucy Kirkman was born in Virginia in 1986. She studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from The Cooper Union, New York, and was a Harriet Hale Woolley Fellow at the Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris. She has been active in Dallas since 2011, where she co-founded curatorial project Studio DTFU, and she is a founding member of the art collective S.C.A.B. This is her fourth solo exhibition.

3901 Main St B, (Corner of Washington, entrance on Washington), Dallas, TX 75226

Alexander DiJulio, That That, (610)
Lucy Kirkman, (540)

Lucy Kirkman, Life of Forms, oil and graphite on canvas, 2013

Lucy Kirkman, Life of Forms, oil and graphite on canvas, 2013

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