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Surface and Mark @ El Centro

May 31, 2013

An exhibition exploring the basic elements of two-dimensional art making, will open at El Centro College on Friday evening May 31st, and continue through July 3rd. There will be one work, or discrete installation, by each of the eight artists in the show.

Artists featured include: Justin Hunter Allen / C.J. Davis / Timothy Harding / Nicholas Mathis / Jeff Parrott / Arthur Peña / Ben Terry / Michael Wynne

The show will feature a graffiti/high abstraction painting by Justin Hunter Allen, drawings by the elementary school students of C.J. Davis, a graphite laden sheet hung in relief by Timothy Harding, a luminescent squiggle and dot pattern painting of Nicholas Mathis, a murky Zen-like psychological landscape by Jeff Parrott, a small relief with squeezed tube of oil paint embedded in plaster by Arthur Peña, a self-portrait in graphite partially obscured by textural triangles by Ben Terry, and an installation of the tiny mono-print word drawings on torn fabric of Michael Wynne.

Summer Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 12-4 pm, Fri. 12-3 pm

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