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GO by Kyle Evans

January 26, 2013

Thoughts on GO by Kyle Evans
by Lucy Kirkman

Photo by Sally Glass (

Kyle Evans performing de/Rastra at Homeland Security. Photo by Sally Glass

GO, an installation and two performances by Kyle Evans, is the second show presented in Homeland Security’s living room space. During Dec. 22’s opening, I walked past minglers on the porch into a twilit room. Immediately the sounds of beep, boop and sxzzzzz met my ears, and my eyes adjusted to flashing screens.

Untitled (tv stack) at is a figure-echoing assembly of four televisions, programmed by Evans to make a random looping music complimented by minimal marks on the screens.  Looking and listening is hypnotic, with the same brain-melting appeal of Nyan cat looped for hours. There are some interesting connections between net art and Evans’ work, though he sets himself far from it by embracing antiquated technology. In an interview on Conversations in the Void, Evans says his aim is “escaping the norm of ‘traditional new media’”. It’s exciting that new media can now be divided into traditional and anti, perhaps classical-neoclassical-baroque new media. Evans rejects a tight, designed, shiny tech for “Dirty New Media.”

Another work in the small space is a modified television aptly situated across from the couch, called untitled (single tv). It uses a television, video transmission, sound and scrap electronics to make a set perpetually tuned to bizarre sounds and images. I don’t pretend to have a grasp on all the technical elements of his work, but I know in this piece he has modified the guts of a television and manipulated it with digital technology to show an exercise in randomness, shaping a fuzzy image out from the statics.

Also shown is Cracked Ray Tube Performance Stills, a series of prints by Kyle Evans and James Connolly. These small framed pictures are documented stills of the duo’s experiments with the glitch, culled from a single piece. Though certain strokes and color combinations reappear, each shows a different vernacular of glitch. To me, they function like paintings, beautiful abstract paintings steeped in the language distinct to an era.

At the opening, Kyle performed de/Rastra in Homeland Security’s back yard, in which he strapped a modified CRT TV to his chest and performs an epic visual dance. The audience was transfixed.

This show is not to be missed. You have one more chance tonight.

Evans studied sound at SAIC in Chicago, where he was active in the developing noise and glitch scene. He is currently based in Austin, pursuing numerous collaborative work as well as his solo pieces. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, and will next be bringing de/Rastra to the Transmediale 2013 festival in Berlin.

GO by Kyle Evans, Dec 22 – Jan 26. Closing reception Jan 26, 6-9pm, performance at 8pm. Homeland Security, 1715 Gould St, Dallas, TX 75215.

Kyle Evans Website


Kyle Evans interview on Conversations in the Void

Homeland Security 

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