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Can’t miss in 2013

January 12, 2013

Visual Arts Preview: The Art Shows and Exhibitions You Can’t Miss in 2013


Homeland Security, DTFU, SCAB, et al

I hope you don’t mind if I lump all of the projects by the name-trading crew of artists — who occasional present work at a variety of homespun locations and take the form of a number of collectives, all of whom are part of the super-collective S.C.A.B — into on blob-graph. The crew has a couple of interesting programs in the works. In May, at Homeland Security (a Cedars house/art space), Kelly Kroener and Eli Walker will curate an open-call, juried exhibition called May Flowers, which will feature work about flowers. That’s it. Just flowers. A floral free-for-all and a pretty irresistible idea.

The studio Don’t F*ck This Up crew (that’s the gallery that’s in the living areas of Lucy Kirkman and Justin Hunter Allen’s Expo Park apartment) plans two publications. One is a new online journal called Empire, which is being launched in conjunction with the intriguing prospect of a “DTFU research facility.” In addition, DTFU says they are also opening a exhibition in the Dallas Museum of Art (small caveat: “via augmented reality”). A small book will be published to aid in the viewing experience of Early American/sƃuıʍɐɹp uɐɔıɹǝɯ∀, featuring work by KITNFACE and LUCKyirkman. So, um, stay tuned.

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