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S.C.A.B. in 2012

December 20, 2012

Curators/Collectives Trump Galleries

Perhaps the most exciting and dramatic thing to happen this year was the quick migration of the conversation about local art from the commercial galleries and into the pop-up, artist-run, or university-funded spaces. Independent curators, artists, and art collectives staged shows featuring a mix of local and non-local artists based around a diversity of curatorial ideas. Not that that conversation was in all cases productive or civil, but it did reveal a growing impetus on the part of individual artists and curators to create the kinds of shows that weren’t otherwise happening locally.

From the Art Foundation’s projects, which landed their “book” in the collection of the Nasher Sculpture Center, to the ongoing programming at Centraltrak and Oliver Frances Gallery, and collectives like S.C.A.B. and DB12, many local artists and curators took pains (financial and physical) to organize exhibitions that cross-pollinated art, artists, and ideas. There was also peripheral activity, like homespun lectures and panels, musical programming,  DJs, and parties. Frivolity? Of course. Quality? More often than not.

This Year’s Visual Arts: A Look Back at the Trends and Names that Shaped 2012 by Peter Simek: Full  Article

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