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Dallas Observer Press for Sink or Swim

September 12, 2012

So, Dallas, There’s Going to Be an Art Exhibition in a Swimming Pool

By Brentney Hamilton Fri., Aug. 24 2012 at 11:11 AM

If Ariel were here, she’d be shitting herself. Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat / wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete …

Actually we’re not all that clear on the digestive workings of little mermaids, but you get the point. SCAB is presenting Sink or Swim (BYOBS) at “Pool Gallery,” curated by Samantha McCurdy. From what we’ve heard so far, it’s a “group show displaying artists’ works within the confines of a swimming pool, either sunken, suspended, or floating.”

Goggles are provided, swimsuits are encouraged (that’s the BYOBS part) and the show will feature work by Justin Hunter Allen, Joshua von Ammon, Alexander DiJulio, Alex Larsen, Samantha McCurdy, Eli Walker and others TBA.

Because this was one of the weirdest/most badass ideas we’ve heard in awhile, we put in a line to learn more about the logistical machinations (the “how’d they do that” or “how do they plan to do that” aspect), but so far SCAB’s not talking. We’ll let you know when and if they do.

The event is scheduled for some sort of “pool gallery” at 3034 Selma Lane. Here are the rest of the details.


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