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Pre-review for BEEF

September 12, 2012
August 15th, 2012 12:17pm

BEEF: Presented by S.C.A.B. at Angstrom Gallery – August 17, 6 to 10 p.m., 3609 Parry Ave., Dallas, TX 75226: Angstrom Gallery is back in action this weekend, and dealer David Quadrini (who seems to flip flop between Dallas and Los Angeles these days depending on which side of the bed he happens to wake up on) will hand the keys to the gallery over to S.C.A.B. Who’s S.C.A.B. you ask? Well, you haven’t been spending much time in the pit-dog comments section to Christina Rees’ latest shit-storm article, “Dear Young DFW Whippersnapper Artists.” Listen, I’m not going to get into the fray of that particular post, in part because I tend to think that our incessant need to talk about ourselves and our “scene” is one manifestation of a crippling vanity that tends to stifle things around here. But if you have time, do dig through it all. There you’ll find one Eli Walker, who was miffed by Rees’ post precisely because he says that there are whippersnappers whipping their snaps (or snapping their whips, or whatever they are supposed to do). The problem: no one is paying attention to them. What a perfect lead-in to this weekend’s show, featuring a photo of a ripped female weightlifter with large mammaries and seven male painters (including Walker) affiliated with an affiliation of artist collectives (S.C.A.B.). Highlights include Jeff Zilm, Nathan Green, and Arthur Peña. Bring your whip.

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