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Review for Controlled Substances

July 10, 2012

Gallery Hopping: Reviews of Shows at Oliver Francis, Angstrom, CentralTrak, And More

July 9th, 2012 8:14am

The Angstrom Gallery’s latest exhibit, Controlled Substances, features a group of affiliated artists who asked Kevin Jacobs to select specific works for display. I visited the exhibit twice. The first time was with out of town art friends, who were completely put off by the work, considering it either lazy or purposefully obscure. They were grasping for an absent conceptual handrail, preferring the straightforward hit-and-miss of the “Hot N Sweaty” open show at 500X. However, the sparse installation at Angstrom allowed each work to be considered in isolation, a context in which I found several pieces compelling: Kelly Kroener’s fabric form discarded in the corner, Joshua Von Ammon’s large print of rap lyrics on the floor, several of Alex DiJulio’s collaborations, and Eli Walker’s raw sheetrock pedestal with what seems to be a crumpled painting on top.
Read the full article here.

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